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The Process of Preparing

Less than a week until my surgery. Two days ago I got my first twinge of excited. I didn’t notice until then that I have been waiting to see if the rug would be pulled out from under my feet again. I thought I was going to have the surgery to fix my abs last…

Not What He Expected

I am finding joy and satisfaction where I can in this nutty cancer journey, navigating the behemoth of the medical system seeking individualized care and asking folks to think outside of the box. Before each medical appointment in the hospital system I am washed in anxiety. I have found it to be unpredictable at times…

So Here We Go

My mind has an amazing ability to cut corners to avoid the complexity of reality. I default to the easiest most logical emotion or reason, in turn avoiding the things that may sting even more than that which I think is the root of my feelings. A few days ago I had a flood of…

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