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Let Go. Just Be.

I have wanted to write lately but my mind seems oddly quiet. A couple of weeks ago I experienced an exhaustion that was like no other exhaustion I had ever experienced. That is saying a lot for someone who has attended births for twenty years and have had my share of lost nights of sleep…. Continue Reading →

Middle Age, The Puberty of Adulthood

Today, I had a good day. I felt accomplished at work putting out a good sized fire for a client and then co-hosted a webinar. We also had a lunch bonfire, which was the first of the year. After work, I ran some errands. Finally arriving home to take the dog for a walk. Imade… Continue Reading →

Today I Bought Myself A Dahlia

Today I bought myself a dahlia plant. Just for me. To be able to have a fresh cut flower in my home or to give. I love gifting homemade bouquets from my yard. It is something that has always filled me with pure joy because you can’t do it all the time in Michigan. The… Continue Reading →

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