Treatment Bootcamp


Getting ready for and arriving on this journey has been very exhausting. I am so thankful for this continued time of healing from my surgery. The flight was fine. The hotel is beautiful. The first evening I made sure that I got to see the sunset on the beach. Evenings on the shore are my favorite. That I learned from years at Hubbard Lake and from when I would visit my mom when she lived in Australia. Her apartment was right on the water and I would go out at night to listen to the waves. Being by water fills my soul.

I am headed into my first treatment day. Yesterday was orientation, meeting my doctor that will be monitoring my case, bloodwork, ultrasounds, and the founder, Dr. Antonio Jimenez, is here this week so I get to hear him give a presentation/Q&A. This morning after my Thermography session I get a one on one meeting with him to talk about my journey. He is not always here but he is here this week.

I got back from the clinic around 4 pm yesterday. Stacia spent her day walking around Cancun and figuring out how to use the bus. I am very thankful for her reconnaissance. Next mission is to find the grocery store by Sunday so I can go get myself food to eat when I am not in the clinic. They feed me breakfast and lunch at H4C but not an evening meal and Sunday are days that I don’t go into the clinic.

After I got back to the hotel, wanted to go lay on the beach to be outside for a bit. We headed down to the beach. I fell dozed off on the chaise lounge. It was a bit chilly to me so I covered myself with a towel. The sun was out but there was also thunder and the lightest sprinkle of rain. It was magical.

We headed back up to the hotel room and watched the new episode of Ted Lasso (a must), then in bed by 8 pm. I slept solid until my alarm went off at 6 am. I am so thankful for the rest that is greatly needed. I was running on fumes the past few days and I really can’t do that anymore if I am to focus on my health. I have a lot to learn and reprogram.

Today starts my treatment bootcamp. I am feeling good about it.

Sunset the first night we were here. I was in bed at sunset last night but it was equally as beautiful

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