Yesterday Ella and I went into Ann Arbor to hang out and walk the dog. I have always loved the Kerrytown neighborhood and I have spent much of my life there working for Zingerman’s in my 20’s. I have witnessed many sunrises at 6am opening the deli with a four shot latte in hand, perched in the driveway between the Deli and Next Door. Years later sunrises were replaced by late night strolls taking a break from painting the Zingerman’s signage for the merchandising department. On my evening walks I would people watch and admire the old houses that were the charm of this small town.

The Kerrytown neighborhood looks very different twenty years later. The additions to old houses that seem very incongruent and the huge new builds have dampened the charm that I loved back in the day. Even with all of I the change, still love to wander those streets.

Near the end of our walk I was stopped in my tracks by the most beautiful scent bubble of lilac. I turned around but could not spot any of the purple plumes. I was momentarily baffled. Then Ella pointed to a twenty foot Lilac tree down a driveway. It was no where near us especially for me to smell it so distinctly. There must have been a perfect combination of warmth, humidity and breeze to bring that magic molecules to my olfactory receptors. It was momentary bliss.

The blossoms of spring are a roadmap for me, starting with the initial thaw and crocuses. Then comes the magnolia blooms which are usually short lived as the April rainstorms wake up the earth from its hibernation. Redbuds are next on the list with their pop of magenta that morphs into just another beautiful tree in disguise. The dogwoods make their appearance and then the lilacs. When I take walks and I come across a lilac, I like to stop and take a deep breath with my face buried in their blossoms. Thankful for another year to smell the lilacs.

Lilac Tree in Kerrytown

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