Still Life with Kale


Tomorrow is six weeks post-op. I am headed to the office for the first time in six weeks. I am looking forward to seeing everyone.

I had an evening of food prep making salads and juicing for the next few days in the office. I am still trying to figure out my flow and streamline the amount of time I spend on food prep.

My friend Aubree dropped off an old Champion juicer she didn’t use anymore. I never thought I would become an opinionated consumer of juicers. I must say the Champion juicer has a very fine dry pulp. It’s a beast on the counter but effective at its job.

This habit of posting everyday is helping me practice being less critical of my writing. I miss deep dives into my head on a particular topic but the simple check in is nice. I am hoping to deep dive soon but I think my head is too distracted with leaving soon. All the logistics, working, planning to be gone and make sure the folks who will be taking care of the house are also taken care of as far as how things work and where everything is. I have had so many thoughts, I am looking forward to having space to sit with them soon.

Also, I am going to miss my dog, Doctor. I am already having feelings about leaving him. He is not going to be happy with me. He drives me absolutely nuts and I love him to bits. He will be cared for and hopefully Mary will let him have a play date with Steven and Dustin. I’m just sayin’

To bed early-ish for work at the office tomorrow!

I felt like taking a photo of my food prep this evening.
Still Life with Kale.

P.S. I will miss my kids too. It’s just different.

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