Aunt Candy Magic Maker

5/365 (yesterday)

Woke up wanting to walk more. I walked three miles that morning. Spent a lovely morning with a friend walking around town and was pooped by midday. I fell asleep at 8pm and slept for 12 glorious hours.

Six weeks for surgical healing? Nope. I have reset my healing window to three months. That feels more realistic.


I updated yesterday this morning because I fell asleep. I am writing todays at 10pm. I may want to think about not sitting down to type these last thing at night. I am a sleepy bear and I also have things I would love to write.

Today was a good day. I stayed in bed for quite some time. I woke up for a bit and snoozed off again. That is a sign of a good morning. At one point I was just waiting to see if the 52% chance of rain forecast would land in my favor. It did not make it’s way to our dear Ypsilanti but my friends in Ann Arbor and Brighton hears some rumbles.

I knew today was a chore day. Laundry, juicing, processing dried pulp from the last time I juices into powders, clean the fridge, clean the dehydrator, prep for the week, wash the bath room rugs, wash the sheets. I got most of it done until, my juicer broke! I had juiced my green apples and half of my carrots. I had beets, celery, ginger and turmeric soaking in the sink. My neighbor and friend, Mary, stepped in to make a call out on Facebook for a juicer to get me through until I leave for Cancun. She was a magic maker for me today and I really appreciate her. That was seriously really awesome. And thank you to everyone that chimed in reply to the call out. 🙂

It was a day of productivity followed by hanging out with lovely friends, and then my son came out and joined us for dinner. It was a very good day.

I had some ideas today that I wanted to share but I am tired and am going to head to bed. The good thing is, thoughts can be shared another day. <= That is a self-care moment. Going to bed at a reasonable hour. Baby steps.

P.S. I have noticed that since I stopped eating after 7pm, I am sleeping through the night. That’s new.

Aunt Candy Magic Maker – pointing at me in her call out to the inter-webs.

P.P.S. The other day Mary and I were brainstorming catchy short hand for Anti-cancer that’s how I am describing why I do most of what I am doing and I say it a lot. Ant-can was thrown out there. That didn’t catch but Any-can evolved very quickly to Auntie Can to the end product Aunt Candy. My lifestyle is brought to you by Aunt Candy. Today Mary was the Aunt Candy Magic Maker.

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