Humans Make The Home

There has been a shift over the last few weeks since my kids have both been here – in this new home – at the same time – just the three of us. Even if has been for just a short time, it was enough time.

I know our flow as three in this space, through our moods and ramblings. The house has been christened with our energies. I can picture them here. The baseline of this family home has been established

They know what it feels like to be home here. I know what it feels like to be home here. Charlie the cat knows what it feels like to be home here. Doctor is still on the fence. He’s holding out for an enclosed yard.

There is a stronger foundation on which to let them go out into the world and to let myself go out into the world. It has been a gift to have time with the kids in this new place. We have learned a lot about who we are as three adults in this new life. There are some things that haven’t changed and some things that definitely have. I appreciate all of it.

It is the best gift this empty nester could ask for. One last go for the books. From here on out there is a good chance we will not reside together, the three of us, ever again. I will still ask for long weekends though. And that will be enough.

Sam is moving to his new apartment tomorrow and is back in school at Wayne. Ella is going on her great adventure in 24 days. I have an amazing new neighbor and we are embarking on a new Situationship (Edited to clarify: Platonic Situationship. As my kids have just informed me if the slang connotation. I just thought it was a cute word. Awkward.) It’s becoming my favorite time of year. It feels quite lovely to sit and just take it all in.

My new neighbor, Mary, and I sit out front in our old man lawn chairs. Unwinding from the day. One of the resident bunnies is in the yard. I tell Mary the story of when Hope, the bunny, left home after Grace, the bunny, died but Hope still lives in Ypsi by the Corner Brewery.

We then make a plan to leave a snack out of carrots for the bunnies every evening at 9:30pm. Every evening we are successful, the next night we move the snacks closer to our chairs. We are going to see how close we can get the bunnies to come to us. Then we will teach them how to play Euchre.

Life is good.

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