Today I Bought Myself A Dahlia

Today I bought myself a dahlia plant. Just for me. To be able to have a fresh cut flower in my home or to give. I love gifting homemade bouquets from my yard. It is something that has always filled me with pure joy because you can’t do it all the time in Michigan. The plants will change due to season, weather, wildlife, whatever. When I get drawn to give a bouquet, there is a mindfulness when I look at my yard. The patience to see each plant individually. Being aware not to take too many cuttings from a plant. Or to know when to take all the cuttings because the plant will be done soon. It is living art. Each piece is unique. It is free. It is temporary. It is a way to show affection.

This purchase was made on an impromptu trip I made after work to the plant store. My very thoughtful coworker gave me a chive plant. I was inspired to plant some herbs by my door. I know I am entering a battle with the local bunnies and groundhogs (Gladys and Bucky). This is a relationship I am mindfully entering. A relationship based in a battle of strategy and persistence with respect. To me, it is a garden and to my furry friends it is a snack. Let the games begin.

I am sitting in this slowness, or trying at least. I feel like there has been another shift in the unwinding of stress in my body. My lazy Sunday morning, that I desperately needed, shook something loose (or maybe it was the 17 mile hike I took after my lazy morning…). I feel like I am coming down from being on edge just waiting for the next thing to happen. I feel parts of my brain opening up to make more space to take in the world around me. I can slow down. I don’t have to run full speed anymore. I can just walk or maybe just stroll. 

I am ok. The kids are ok. I am healthy. I am doing it. I am doing it well. I am kind of amazing. So, today I bought myself a dahlia.

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