Propagating Succulents

Unrooted, grounded but floating. I think of the baby succulents I have been propagating. The newly picked or fallen leaves lay upon the soil to dry out a bit at the site where they were separated from the plant from which they grew. They lay upon a shallow layer of soil slowly growing roots towards the soil but not quite in the soil yet. Simultaneously a new beginning sprouts from the scab of the leaf cutting. 

I have found that replanting too soon in a new soil and a new pot is risky and many new plants will not thrive and die. With patience and mindful care the new plant in the shallow soil will slowly grow. The roots will multiply in number, reaching for the soil. The original leaf cutting will start to dry up more and decompose to be nourishment for the new plant. When the new plant is well established and strong, it will thrive being potted in fresh soil in its own pot. The original leaf cutting will be buried in the soil of the new home to be a foundation for the new plant’s journey. 

One of my teachers ♥️

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