A New Home

This blog is a new home for my writing at a time when there are many new things in my life. All life is is a collection of transitions, right? Not good, not bad, just is. My previous blog was Leave The Light On. It documented my journey through stage three colon cancer, chemo therapy and then for an encore it came back again as stage four colon cancer on my ovary. A very rare occurance that was remedied with a full hysterectomy at 44. I declined chemotherapy the second time and took the eastern medicine route. I am just over 18 months clear of cancer and appreciating every day.

I am a mother two young adults. We are navigating the shift in our relationship to parent-peers as they find their footing as adults. I am also walking into empty nesting and new beginnings across the board.

I started writing during cancer and I fell in love with it. I write about many things. The general theme is life. My time is limited here. I might have a long time but that is not guaranteed. I write for myself. I write for others. I write becasue I am called to do so and to put it out in the world.

Thank you for joining me on this journey.

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