Hope is Alive in Ypsilanti

One day Hope started sneaking out of her enclosure. She could usually be found in the side yard. She would sit and rest after her explorations. I believe she was looking for Grace. Bunnies do not like to be alone and I have been told they mate for life. Hope and Grace were our bunnies... Continue Reading →

How Do We Reignite The Fire?

Tonight I was chatting on the phone with my dear friend and I asked her "How do we reignite the fire in middle age?" I didn't realize the question existed until it came out of my mouth, but it came through me at that moment and has caught my attention. The preface to this question... Continue Reading →

Let Go. Just Be.

I have wanted to write lately but my mind seems oddly quiet. A couple of weeks ago I experienced an exhaustion that was like no other exhaustion I had ever experienced. That is saying a lot for someone who has attended births for twenty years and have had my share of lost nights of sleep.... Continue Reading →

Today I Bought Myself A Dahlia

Today I bought myself a dahlia plant. Just for me. To be able to have a fresh cut flower in my home or to give. I love gifting homemade bouquets from my yard. It is something that has always filled me with pure joy because you can't do it all the time in Michigan. The... Continue Reading →

All the Lives and Another Surgery Too

At my tech job, we have meetings on Tuesday mornings. There is a trend that when our team lead brings in donuts, it means someone is leaving or some other bad news is abreast. He is trying to change this pavlovian training he has induced on his people by randomly bringing in donuts for no... Continue Reading →

Exactly Where I Want To Be

It was 50 degrees out as the sun was setting. I was shamelessly bundled up in my 20 year old poofy coat with the broken zipper (I can still snap it closed), hat on, snuggled into my scarf with my hood up to protect me from the wind, sitting on the aluminium bleecher's at Saline... Continue Reading →

Spring in Michigan

Living in Michigan is not for the faint of heart. One week ago there was an inch of snow on the ground and this weekend was gloriously warm and almost 80 degrees. Many of the folks around me agreed that these late snow snaps are almost more excruciating than the depths of winter because in... Continue Reading →

The Great Break-up

I started to feel the feels about my son leaving the nest when he was about 14. I felt the days ticking down with a resonance of a large gong. It would draw my attention away from the moment we were in to thinking about the moment he would be leaving. I am aware I... Continue Reading →

I Am A Seed

When I think of myself as like a seed or a toddler on the verge of a growth spurt my life makes so much more sense. For a seed to burst through to become a plant it must vibrate like crazy after a time of being dormant. A toddler almost always will digress and be... Continue Reading →

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